Surrogacy Programme

Indications :

  • Women with recurrent miscarriages
  • Hysterectomy at young age
  • Asherman’s syndrome

Here at BM hospitals, we offer a surrogacy program, which takes care of everything from finding the right mother to the delivery of the surrogate baby and placing them onto your hands. We ensure our approach is personal and hands on, whilst handling such a sensitive and private matter such as surrogacy.

We here at BM hospitals believe that a well structured and professional environment, where everybody knows what they are doing, is vital to ensure that we stay out of any mess. To ensure that, that happens, our program is supported by a strong base of experienced doctors, lawyers, and dedicated associates who help us in every way possible to help attain the mutual goal. What is the mutual goal? Well, it is pretty simple, the mutual goal of all involved, is to create a bond and trust between the couple and the surrogate, so that everybody goes home happy.

If you are wondering as to how, we will be doing all this, it is quite simple. We take the help of our surrogate database. Our surrogate database is one of the most comprehensive lists because we verify the credentials of all the surrogates regularly. This ensures that we obtain the handpicked results and make surrogate pregnancy an option that is within the means of those who need it.
There are various ways by which surrogacy can be done, they are given below.

Surrogacy by In Vitro Fertilization :

In this type of surrogacy, the couple creates embryos by IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), which are then transferred onto the surrogate mother, who carries the child whilst maintaining no genetic link to the baby. Generally speaking, the eggs and sperms used are those of the parents to be. However, if necessary the eggs can also be obtained from a donor and then, the surrogate mother can be used to carry the baby.

Surrogacy by Artificial Insemination :

In this type of surrogacy, the surrogate mother donates her egg and the biological father provides the sperm that is used to fertilize the egg. The surrogate mother then carries the baby, but, in this case, she has a genetic link to the child.

Our Facility :

We use a team approach whereby egg donation and/or surrogacy arrangement is managed by a whole team of doctors, attorneys and the staff of BM hospitals; which ensures that you will end up in the best possible situation that will ease most of your risks and fears.

Apart from that, we also provide prompt personal service, in order to help you make the right choice, regarding your medical conditions, thanks to the fact that we have a team full of staff, who are at the hospital, at all times.

Cost :

Our program prices include All charges for the surrogate during the treatment and miss out on nothing. Total program cost, including all medical and legal fees is available on request.

Finding the Right Surrogate – The Beginning :

When it comes to finding a surrogate, the first step in the surrogacy process for couples involves consultation with Dr. Shanmuga priya and one of our specialist doctors. This is a very important step, in the whole process, as the information gathered by us will help determine your eligibility and suitability to our program. When this happens, we are also ready to answer all your queries, regarding surrogates and how the whole process works.

If and when you decide to schedule a consultation, we will ensure that you meet up with all the people involved in your treatment, ranging from general physicians to embryologists, including your potential surrogates.

If you are worried about the health and well being of the surrogate mother who is going to be carrying your child, then don’t be. We only screen and select those women, who reside in Chennai and are in excellent health, free of any sexually transmitted diseases and have had a healthy reproductive history. The end result is that you get a carefully screened surrogate mother, who is willing to be committed to the Intended Parents and be willing to follow our stringent protocol of screening and counseling. We only want to present you with women who are genuinely interested in helping others in their quest to have a child.

We offer surrogates who have no objection to, on request be anonymous and not to have any contact with the child after delivery. Contractually requires the surrogate not attempt to contact the couple after delivery unless the couple so desires.

We understand that the decision to seek the assistance of a surrogate is not easy. But, we strive to ease the pain of these decisions by ensuring that you have, at your service, one of the best surrogacy programs in Tamil Nadu, if not the whole of India.