Birthing Suite

In the life of every couple, pregnancy and childbirth are two unforgettable experiences. Right from the moment they come together, there is no feeling that even comes close the feeling of becoming parents. The joy one derives from that is unparalleled. We here at BM hospitals understand that and ensure that the experience is never forgotten. We provide top class rooms and services, which come along with a dedicated and highly qualified team of doctors, paramedics and a whole host of people.

The Birthing Suite is designed with a good ambience. The birthing suites are private with an all in one – labor, delivery and recovery room equipped with a state-of-the-art delivery bed. At all times, the music of your choice will be played. 24 hour anesthetic and pediatric covers are available. Different forms of pain relief in labor are available from medication to the gas and 100% pain free labor with epidural analgesia.

We ensure that right from the moment you enter, so as to give birth, till the moment you give birth, and after that as well, you are completely taken care and we guide you every step of the way. If you have any doubts, we will take you through all the procedures meticulously and in a way you thoroughly enjoy it. On top of that, doctors will be available round the clock and brief you regarding the physiological changes in the body during pregnancy, do’s and don’ts in pregnancy diet, activity and medications which are mandatory in pregnancy. We have well equipped state of the art 24-hour laboratory which performs all screening blood and urine tests and all other relevant investigations.

During the pregnancy our doctors will talk with you about labor, its warning signs and the ideal time for admission. A maternity list of all items to be incorporated into the delivery kit is available and will be handed over to the prospective mother to be. To ensure that you maintain complete control, our doctors always ask you first, before proceeding with anything, like the mode of delivery and need for inducing labor. Once the baby is delivered, our pediatrician will receive the baby which is observed for a few hours before being handed over to the parents.